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Bible Quest Terms of Service

About Bible Quest and this document

Welcome to Bible Quest, our aim is to help you engage with God’s word found in the Bible by providing you with the tools and motivation to form a healthy routine of reading God’s word.

Bible Quest was started by Paul, a youth leader from a church in St Albans Hertfordshire, and is a trading name of Paul Lee and is based at 8 Martin Close, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 8QS.

If you would like to get in touch you can by email: or via Social media (@joinbiblequest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

This document outlines the legally binding agreement between you the user, purchaser or viewer of the Bible Quest website, services or products and us.

Your Bible Quest account

You must be over 18 years old to register for a Bible Quest account, and must accept these terms of service. If you are under 18 years old a parent or guardian should sign up on your behalf, they will be responsible for your account and ensuring that the terms of this agreement are met.

You can create a Bible Quest account for free via our website (at ) or by following an invite link if you have been sent one.

All details on the signup form should be completed truthfully, and you should keep your password safe. If you are blocked from this service for breaking our terms, you are not permitted to create another account, doing so may result in that account also being blocked any purchases made via it being forfeited.

A user account is only for a single person. If multiple people would like to use Bible Quest, they will each need their own account.

Our optional Epic plan upgrade can be paid for online using a credit or debit card via your online dashboard. An epic plan currently entitles you to receive a medal delivered to you by post on completion of your quest and a special "Epic" badge next to your name on your leaderboard.

Using the service

To login to your account simply visit from any supported browser.

You will only be able to use your account on one device at a time.

Each day you will be allocated the readings for the current day on your plan. If you complete all of the readings in a day the next day’s readings will be available from just after midnight UK time.

If you complete all of the readings in a day you will boost your ‘streak’. A streak is the number of days in a row that you complete all of the readings on your quest. These will appear on your team’s leader board. If you miss any readings for a day your streak will be reset to zero. If you don’t complete all of the readings in a day the readings will stay the same for the next day.

User expectations

You will not copy, embed or in any way redistribute any part of the game, its source code, media assets or questions in any form without prior consent from Bible Quest.

You will not hack, modify, disrupt or in any way interfere with the operation of the service, either to influence your position in the quest (cheat) or to disrupt the service for other users.

You will not upload, input or in any way distribute any material that is illegal, offensive, obscene, hateful, discriminatory or highly likely to offend or distress other users. This includes usernames, team names and any other information that is publicly viewable within the service. Any illegal material may be provided as evidence to law enforcement officials in line with our legal obligations.

Any material that you provide during the course of using our service (user generated content) may be publicly viewable at any time (so make sure you provide material which you are happy to be displayed in this way). Any user generated content that you provide to us in any form you grant us a perpetual, irrevocable, fully-paid and royalty free licence to use in any way we wish worldwide.

By joining a team you consent to your name and current progress being featured in the team leader board, and viewable by all members of that team.

Supported browsers

Bible Quest has been tested and is supported on the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

Although Bible Quest is also likely to work on a variety of other browsers we cannot guarantee compatibility. Some older browsers that lack the required modern technology are not supported and you will not be able to access Bible Quest via them. Before purchasing you should ensure that you have access to a device running one of our supported browsers.

Delivery of rewards

The Bible Quest rewards are redeemable only by those who complete the Bible Quest virtual tour of the UK, by reading the entire Bible.

Upon successful completion of your Bible Quest adventure a redeem rewards section will appear on your dashboard.

Digital rewards can be accessed directly from the rewards panel.

Epic plan users can set the delivery address of your finishers medal in the rewards panel, once we have received this information we will then post your medal to you. You should complete this as soon as possible after completing your quest as your medal will not be sent out to you until you have submitted your delivery address.


We hope that you will be happy with our service, and if you have any problems please contact us at the first instance and will do our best to assist you. However if you do need a refund our policy for this is as follows:

Epic plan upgrades purchased directly from Bible Quest can receive a full refund of the upgrade price if:

  • An email as outlined below has been received by us within 14 days of purchase
  • AND your medal reward has not been posted out.

If your medal has already been posted out you will need to post it back to us unopened and at your own expense within the 14 day window. In this instance the cost of postage will be deducted from your refund amount.

To request a refund, using the email address associated with the account send a message with the subject “Epic plan Upgrade Refund” to . You will need to include in your message your username and a copy of the payment confirmation from our payment provider (Stripe).

Following the refund your Bible Quest account will be downgraded to the core plan.


All parts of the Bible Quest website, branding and related intellectual property, with exception of licenced content outlined at are copyrighted © Paul Lee 2020, with all rights reserved.

It is not permitted to reproduce, embed or in any way distribute or make available our copyrighted material without our prior consent.

Privacy Policy

Bible Quest only requests and securely stores personal information required to offer the service that we provide (such as allowing you to login, keeping track of your progress through your quest, and delivering your reward), and we do not sell or pass on your personal data to any third parties.

To access a copy of the personal data we have stored on you please email using your registered email address and stating your username in your email.

In order to allow you to login to the service we store cookies (small pieces of information) in your browser so that we can identify that it is you. These do not contain any personal or sensitive information. In addition Stripe may set a cookie to assist them with handling payments. These are essential cookies for the functioning of the site so if you choose to block these you will not be able to login or use the members only parts of the Bible Quest website.

Data held by Bible Quest is stored securely on servers within the United Kingdom.

We use Google Analytics, a widely used data analytics service as our analytical provider, and their privacy policy can be found here: We use this information to understand how our service is used, to provide aggregated (non-personally identifiable) usage data to our minstry partners and to improve the service. You can opt-out of this analytics data collection here:

We use Stripe as our payment provider, and their privacy policy can be found here:

Bible Quest may occasionally contact you by email to provide critical service updates, to obtain user feedback relating to our services, to update you on the service and to share occasional updates from our ministry partners. In all cases these emails will be managed by and sent by Bible Quest.

Bible Quest may occasionally share aggregated usage data with our ministry partners. In these instances we will not share any personal information or personally identifiable information relating to any users without their consent.

Closing your account

Should you wish to close your account, you can do so by emailing using your registered email address. The subject of your email should be “Close my account” and your message should include your username.

Once your account has been closed any progress on your quests may be lost and you will no longer be eligible for completers reward.

Availability or closure of the service

We will endeavour to ensure that the Bible Quest service is as accessible and available as possible. However we cannot guarantee interrupted access to the service. Like with many websites there may be times when the service is inaccessible, but we will endeavour to minimise disruption where we can, and notify users where practical. Users will not be entitled to compensation should their use of this service be disrupted for any reason.

Should Bible Quest decide to close this service we will provide users with at least 6 months notice. If in this instance it is not possible for a user to complete their quest before the closure date (due to insufficient days remaining to complete their plan) Bible Quest will contact the affected users to offer a refund or alternative arrangement.

Governing law

The use of Bible Quest, and this agreement is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom, and any legal matters arising from it will be subject to the laws and the legal process of England.

If any provision of this agreement is found to be unlawful, or legally unenforceable that provision will be void, but the remainder of this agreement will remain valid.

Changes to the agreement

We may change this policy from time to time. If we do so we will give at least 2 weeks notice of any change, with the new terms being available to view on our website. Users will be notified about any future changes on the Bible Quest dashboard. If you do not wish to abide by the revised terms you should close your account before the new agreement come into force.

This document is effective for new users from 9th October 2020 and existing users from 23rd October 2020.